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    Adam Martinakis (b.1972, Greece) Parallel Universe, 2013


    SPOTLIGHT: Insane Hypnotizing Gifs by Zach Dougherty

    Let’s file this under “I don’t know what the fuck this is but I like it.”

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    Muriza - A modest Slab
    by type me! fonts & Jakob Runge


    Glass Bottle Manufacturing Plant, Russia

    This is the Novosibirsk plant - a company with the leading position among glass manufacturers stretching from the Urals to the Far East. The factory makes an assortment of colorless and brown glass for the bottling of alcoholic beverages, beer and soft drinks, cans of juice, sauces and other canned products.

    Speaking of large-scale production, the capacity of this plant is 620 million glass bottles per year and 1.7 million per per day. The Novosibirsk Plant more than meets the glass demands among the enterprises of the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts of the Russian Federation, as well as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

    Technology for the production of glass consists of the following sequential processes:
    - Preparation of raw materials
    - Preparation of the charge
    - Cooking of glass
    - Formation and annealing products
    - Quality control and packaging

    After completing the molding process, glassware undergoes additional heat treatment (annealing) in the direct heating furnace. Annealing is required to remove internal residual stress in glass, which makes the preservation of the product during subsequent processing and use. This is one big glass bottle manufacturing plant.


    Model - Nora Shopova Photographer Diego Uchitel’s latest spread for Gravure Magazine Makeup artist Regina Harris Hairstylist Moiz Alladina

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    Aberto Studio | AR Arquitetos. Brazil, São Paulo. 2012


    Erzsbet Square Identity
    by Hidden Characters

    love this!


    name: Nicolas Robinson

    tumblr: http://galettefootball.com

    website: http://nicolasrobinson.co.uk/World-Cup-moments

    description: Moments from the World Cup summed up in a simple image. Designed for football blog, Galette Football


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